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Electronic security companies in Arkansas are regulated by the Arkansas State Police.  This page has been provided to help get the necessary paperwork for new licensees and registrants as well as renewing companies and individuals.

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ASAA Source for Training

If you have questions about the documentation or what classes are required, please feel free to view the rest of this web-site. 

However, the Arkansas Security Alarm Association is simply one source of the required training. 

Act and Rules & Regulations

After September 1, 2015

Law:  Statute 06-03-2016

Private security alarm service rules 12132016 (Effective December 2016)


Rules:  private_security__alarm_service_rules_09012015


Act11 of 2016

Proposed Rules Changes – August_2016

Prior to September 1, 2015

Arkansas Code 17-40 (Licensing Act)
Board Rules and Regulations

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We do NOT write, interpret, or enforce the law, rules, or regulations.  If you have questions, please contact the Arkansas State Police.

Visit the Arkansas State Police Site for forms, copies of the Statutes and frequently asked questions.