What to Expect at an ASAA Class

ASAA / NESA courses are designed to give each student an introduction in the covered topic. For example, the Level I course does not cover and test on using a drill. It does show why having a drill is important and how it is used in our industry.

The ASAA uses top quality instructors. All of our instructors have been teaching the required training for the state for at least five years. Several of our instructors have thirty years experience in the electronic security industry, all have at least ten.

ASAA / NESA students are expected to attend all of the courses. Unless otherwise noted, all classes begin promptly at 8:00 am and will last until the instructor dismisses for the day. There may be homework assigned in any of the courses. The student will be responsible for ALL the material in their book and on the slide presentation. A test score of 70% or greater constitutes passing the course. All exams will be multiple choice.

The ASAA will not grade an exam. After the class, all exams will be sent to the Administrator of the Arkansas Board of Private Investigator and Private Security Agencies for grading. The Administrator will then grade the exams and send the results back to the ASAA for the issuance of the certificates.

Students with special needs should contact ASAA at least ten (10) days before the beginning of class to make any necessary arrangements.

Other questions should be directed to:

Jordon Brown
104 North 13th
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 785-2323 voice
(479) 785-1155 fax