Deceptive Sales

This is the time of year that the summer sales companies begin their sales campaign.  While most of these companies are licensed, legal, and ethical.....a few have been accused of using deceptive sales practices.  This short video details one couple's experiences....

Abolishment of the licensing board

Senate Bill 6 is now Act 11. Full text: Please contact the Arkansas State Police with your suggestions for 17-40-306 (e).      

Board Meetings

Quarterly Board of Directors meetings will be held.  Email notification will be given in time for response. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the ASAA President.

Existing False Alarm Ordinances

Copies of existing false alarm ordinances can be found in the Members Only section.  Please forward the ASAA any copies you have that we don't and we will get them posted.

Application & Renewal Changes

The administration staff at the Arkansas State Police have asked us to cease hosting the licensing forms on our web-site.  They may now be found at their web-site.

Member Update

Sign up to receive email updates.  Email me and add the subject line, "Sign up for Member Update."  This includes the every-Friday NESA National Monitor. Or, just click here and hit send when you email pops up.

Accepting Credit Cards

The Arkansas Security Alarm Association is able to accept credit cards for training and dues.  To pay by credit card, please contact Kim at (479) 785-2323.  We also can take payment through PayPal.